White Digital Simulations: Hard Core Veggies!

FSX/P3D. Yes it was I who coined the phrase: "Digital Shrubbery". Trees, plants, shrubs and the like are a component of flight simulator that I have been really making a big fuss about over the past couple years. Many don't see the point of it. All they need is a runway in the correct position. But others. Others like me? The custom or lack of vegitation within flight simulation environment shrouding and surrounding the airport can make or break a product. In the case of White Digital Simulations, the patented HDX "Core" libraries are impressive to say the least and if you think the environmental feel Russ is creating here is stellar, just wait till you actually see the airport. No doubt if you respect this level of detail, you will get lost on arrival. Be sure to head over to WDS via the source link below, sign up to the forums and show your support!