Jim Robinson's Inverness: Whoa! Im Impressed!

FSX/P3D. Could this be the very first P3Dv2.2 native scenery in development? It's damn impressive! Developer Jim Robinson (Bonners Ferry) has set out to develop KINF previously Known as X40 in Inverness Florida, a township north of Tampa. Every now and then even I get caught totally off guard by something new and promising and I am happy when this happens. I don't hear anyone complaining anymore about me tracking these developers on FSD anymore. Some really good things have been coming out of there! You gotta see these screenshots. A note from the developer: "I believe I'll call it "Donationware", or more correctly 'freeware with a donation button' as no donation will be required. If folks spam the donation button moderately I will make more airports like this, if not then I'm happy to spend my free time learning to fly the PMDG 777 instead."  Release is expected next month.