Carenado Announces the Pilatus PC12!!


FSX/P3D. WELL. BLOW. ME. DOWN! It's about timmmmmmeeeeee! I am still playing with that old PC-12 from Flight1. Now yes, no doubt the Carenado variant will be super beautiful and will handle great. But I can already hear your complains. "Systems blah, blah SYSTEMS! Yes, I get it and here is what I have to say about that: Razbam. If you already have the Razbam Metroliner then you already know how in-depth it is in it's systems and handling. If you want a full systems PC-12, wait for them but it wont be along soon. As for the Carenado, i'd bet we will have it by Summers end. Pop on over to the Carenado Facebook page for more info via the source link below.