Brandenburg Imminent. v2.2 Ready!

FSX/P3D. Now someone correct me if i'm wrong but if I am not mistaken, we are currently witnessing an unprecedented event in the history of flight simulation: an airport in world of FS to open it's doors prior to that of it's real world counterpart. The combined teams of 29Palms and LimeSim have done a fantastic job bringing this new stage of Berlin's future to life it's only a shame the actual airport can't seem to follow in the same suit. Just one shot to show for now showing the cloud shadows on the ground of P3Dv2.2 which look mighty awesome I might add. According to Sasa, release is now imminent. ADX will keep it's eyes on it. Now if you will excuse me, I am going back outside to put my own eyes back on the Bloody Moon

Update from Lars: "Since you've asked, imminent means "this week" or "very soon this week" Please note: This weeks release will be FSX ONLY. The version for Prepar3D v2.2 will follow next week. You might ask: Why do I need a closed airport!? Well, it isn't closed. The new Berlin-Brandenburg Airport consists of two airports: The old Berlin Schönefeld Airport and the new airport (right side on the latest screenshot). Schönefeld is active of course and using the manager you can switch the new part to active or inactive. So let's say: You get two airports for the price of one! How awesome is that!?"