ADX Exclusive: FlightBeam Denver P2!

FSX/P3D. FlightBeam Studios. No doubt one of the development teams widely considered within the FS community to be among the very best is finally closing in on the release of Denver International Airport. Denver is actually quite unique for a US airport as it incorporates a level of architecture many American airports tend to lack. Besides this, Denver sits on a huge plot of land with very erratic terrain. It may look all flat from the air but it's a different story on the ground. No doubt, modeling the terrain was one of the most difficult parts of the project. Veer off the taxiway and you will crash. So far, all the screenshots we have seen have been nothing short of spectacular and I am super impressed. But by all means, judge for yourself. ADX has the latest set of exclusives ready to go. Release is close and baring no issues in the beta, you will be wheels down in a matter of weeks. ... like 2 or 3... like I said, close! 

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