FSDT KIAH: Before Summer!

FSX/P3D. Believe it or not, FSDT CYVR was released just a few days after the new year for 2013. Now according to FSDT mastermind Umberto (Virtuali) via their new Facebook page, the Houston project is expected to be released before this Summer. By then, it would have been a year and half between new releases but lets not forget the major update to JFK. Some good news, the team is already building the scenery for native P3Dv2.2 showing even further that the majority of the flight simulation development teams are going in the P3D direction. I look forward to the release of KIAH and I am very curious about what else the team may be cooking up for the next project. "Cough* Las Vegas update *Cough* Whatever the next project is, hopefully the wait for that will be just a weeee bit shorter. Head over to the new FSDT Facebook page via the source link below and show your support.