With all going on in the world right now: the missing Malaysia aircraft with all it's souls, the situations in Ukraine, Crimea, and the Korean peninsula, the mud slide situation in Washington state. There are always things going on in the world around us and I personally and deeply believe we all need distractions in life. In part, this is what AirDailyX is all about. A distraction. Something online to give you something good to look forward to each and every day. I really enjoyed sharing April Fools Day with you all. I enjoyed putting it together and for the most part, many of you got a good distraction and laugh, for some others, they absolutely hated my actions.

It's really a shame how some folks can allow themselves to become so offended by such minor pettiness. But that's life I suppose and one thing is certain, who knows what you will find on ADX next April 1st. I will create a separate page for today's antics for those who can always use another laugh. For those of you who successfully fooled me today, I tip my hat off to you!  I am glad to have you all join me every day. There are some new many great things to come very soon so stay tuned! Source link takes you to the archive page. I now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

D'Andre Newman - Barbie Man!