ADX FTX NCA Tour of California! Part One.

P3D. Howdie goovers! I am back yet again to share my thoughts on another great product! This time I am discovering my home state here in California for the first time in the history of flight simulation. This place has been so neglected in FS over the years, I rarely if ever spend time here. Now, that has all changed. This is much more than a typical review. It's a tour of the place I call home! Holger Sandmann, Alex Golf, and the gang have done an amazing job with this project and it is without a doubt their best work to date! Join me as I take ADX readers on part one of a three part journey through the heart of FTX NCA and the places I find to be most meaningful. And yes, this is a very big Bandwidth sucking article. Crab a snack and get comfy, we have a lot of ground to cover! I sincerely hope you enjoy! 

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