Iris Battlefield Airlifter v2 Released!


FSX. Iris flight simulations has just released the long awaited Battlefield Airlifter and is now available to download from the IRIS Storefront for existing purchasers of the IRIS Pro Series C-27J Spartan or IRIS Airforce Series Tactical Airlifter. This product is not currently available to purchase, nor is it currently available to download from Iris' partner distributors. Iris has stated they will distribute the aircraft to a wider base in a few days providing no major issues are found on this initial release. For those downloading this release candidate, ensure you delete any existing IRIS C-27J Spartan folders from your Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Simobjects/Airplanes/ folder prior to installation of this product to avoid duplication of aircraft. Any questions in relation to this product and further information can be found on the IRIS Community forum via the source link below.