White Digital Simulations: HDX Core Trees!

FSX/P3D. You have never seen anything like this ever before! Several months ago, AirDailyX introduced to the flight simulation community White Digital Simulations. WDS is a wholly new flight simulation venture by acclaimed developer Russ White. Those of you who are familiar of Russ' past work is very well aware of his previous 1,2, and 3 highly detailed cm sim implementation skills. Well, WDS will take these talents to a completely new level to a hight of detail never before seen with the new "HDX Technology" and in a way only Russ White could achieve. If the trees look this good, wait till you see the actual airport! Head over to WDS via the source link below for much more and while you are there, be sure to sign up to the forums and show your support! This is just a small part of what is becoming a vast collection of library objects. Cheers to the future!