Taxi2Gate Orlando FS9 Released!

FSX/P3D. Who would have thought back in 2004 that 10 years later in the year 2014 FS9 would still be one of the top flight simulation platforms. Each new release for the platform is yet another breath of life for the platform and more are on the way. After the highly successful release of T2G's Orlando scenery, many simmers requested a FS9 version be made. And why not? After all, mega airports in FS9 are a dream to fly in to. As for how long FS9's future is, this is yet to be determined. Many developers have left the legendary platform behind and quite a few remain dedicated. I say there is still quite a few years of life in FS9 and the imminent release of T2G MCO is another example of the loyalty following FS9 has. It's now out! Go get it!!