FSGlobal Real Weather Goes P3Dv2!

At present FS Global Real Weather from PILOT’s in Austria, is the only add-on program (Active Sky Next is still in Beta and no news on REX4 Weather Direct) to be fully compatible with Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D v2 (P3Dv2). There have been some delays in releasing a fully-compatible P3Dv2 version of FSGRW, mainly due to some inherent bugs in P3Dv2 that prevented a reliable rendition of weather to be rendered 100% of the time. 

Stefan from PILOT’S has been kind enough to share some screenshots from an approach into Stuttgart (EDDS), Germany, and the visuals are beyond amazing. The screenshots depict the start of the descent from FL330 and the cloud layering, along with the individual cloud banks that can be seen during the approach, are unlike anything I have ever seen in a PC-based flight simulation.

I remember installing FSGRW in P3Dv1 and being blown away by the visuals, as well as the realistic depiction of real-world weather data. I can honestly say that the latest P3Dv2 compatible version of FSGRW sets a new standard, an extremely high bar in weather related add-ons, one that the competition will be very hard-pressed to reach!