Alabeo Piper Sport: Yep!

FSX/P3D. Actually, on a personal note, Alabeo is in the process of redeeming some negative feelings I have towards a similar product. I'll explain. I purchased the FSD Evektor SportsStar late last year looking for a new toy to play with and whereas I am well aware it's an older product, I gave it the benefit of the doubt without comparing it to more modern addons. The result was a horrible experience which quickly became fodder for my desktop recycle bin. It really sucked for me to let it go as I really wanted it to be good. Now whereas the Piper Sport is a totally different aircraft, it's similar enough to make me happy again and because it's from Alabeo, no doubt it's going to be good. I spent 3 hours last weekend with the Alabeo C195 and totally fell in love with it. The Piper Sport looks just as great so keep 'em coming Alabeo because thanks to Greg, i'm getting a much bigger and much, much fancier hangar to park it in. ;) Here are the latest!