MilViz F4 >> She Looks Ready!

FSX/P3D. As a young child, my favorite 3 military aircraft were the F16 (now under MilViz development) the Warthog, and the F4 Phantom! Ever heard of Ertl? They had a full die-cast metal version with bombs, retractable gear, transparent dome, and everything. It was totally badass. I used to run around the backyard flying that baby and executing impossible maneuvers. No FS for me back then. It was all imagination and had it been real, I would have destroyed half the city with it. MilViz is in the final processes of bringing those childhood memories back to life with their simulated version of the F4 and damn this baby looks lifelike. Add on TacPack and I just might go back and blow some $!-!^+ up. Release can't be too far away. Check out these screens.