Turbulent Designs: 3 Airfields For FTX NCA!


FSX/P3D. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out part 1 of my 3 part series: ADX Tour of California featuring FTX NCA. Now many of you may recall ADX introducing Turbulent Designs (one of the few new teams we are introducing for 2014) and the team has just announced their first 3 projects which will be developed for FTX NCA/ MSE2.0 California. Now for those of you who have missed my announcement, the makeup of Turbulent Designs comes from some very well known and talented former Orbx and Sim720 developers. The first works look great thus far and the first scenery packate will incorporate 3 airfields: 2O1 Gansner Field, KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack, and CA21 Limberlost Ranch. For more information and product strategy, click the source link below to their Facebook page and throw them a 'like' while you are there!