Orbx 11S Sekiu 1.1 Released!

FSX/P3D. As if Misha's Sekiu wasn't good enough already, he went back after release and not only added new features, he actually expanded the entire coverage area. If you haven't xprieced Sekiu yet, you are totally missing out. New features include: PR coverage area extended by almost 2x original, VASI added at 11S, default setting is on 24hrs a day, but Dusk/Night/Dawn mode (which is the most realistic) selectable in control panel, thanks very much Jim for this! All APX issues fixed, as reported by customers as well as some issues I personally found. CVX file rectified to make way for Holger's adjustments in PNW SP8. Helipad at Callam Bay prison upgraded with new textures, and hardened so as to not kick up dust. Some autogen buildings in Callam Bay Town replaced with custom models. And more. Log into your accounts!