Shez: DTW, IRC, LGB, MEM. Whew!


FS9/FSX/P3D. Indeed, that is a lot of projects! Shez the freeware developer well known for his work on many popular past sceneries including ONT, PHL, and LGB among others is currently working on DTW under the SunSkyJet name. This project has been under development for about a year now and I am uncertain if we will see it's release this year. I am hopeful though. On top of his contribution to DTW, Shez has also announced 3 other projects he is developing on his own which include KMEM, KIRC, and a huge update to his KLGB wich is a really good rendition of Long Beach. As for whether we will see any of these airports this year... or next year... Thanks to ADX reader Jens Cassel for the tipoff!