Rob Randazzo On Capt. Zaharie Shah. MSN/WSJ.

Whenever there is an announcement or update from PMDG, the community listens with great interest. In the case of MH370 and subsequent investigation into Captain Zaharie Shah's flight simulator, even the big media outlets are listening to PMDG CEO Rob Randazzo. Posted yester via MSN and The Wall Street Journal, Rob is quoted as saying “As is always the case when something cannot be explained, there are many folks attempting to explain the event to the public using theories, guesswork and good, old-fashioned imagination. Some of these commentators have focused on Captain Shah’s love of the flight simulation hobby as a suggestion that he may somehow have played a role in the disappearance of MH 370.  Such wild conjecture is not only insulting to those of us who wear or have worn the stripes of a captain, but has the potential to be damaging to the flight simulation hobby.” Without a doubt, in an unprecedented situation like this, no rock should be left upturned. With all the uncertain media reports taking place, It's nice to know that a voice within the flight simulation community is heard.