LLH Altiport de Megeve v2 Released!


FSX/P3D. Even though it's just a 1 man team developing small airfields, LLH Creations is one of my most favorite developers. Not only is the quality of LLH airports right on par with Orbx, the LLH destinations are among the most challenging yet scenic in the whole of flight simulation. Lately, the developer has been busy refining his skill and as such, he has been going back and remaking his entire collection to the new standard. The latest release is Altiport de Megeve v2 and you can surely bet I will be whiping out the ADX FirstLook right after Dublin. For now, pop over to LLH Creations and pick up yourself a copy. So far, according to the ADX Billboard, March is the biggest month for releases so far this year! WOWSERS! If it keeps up like this, we are all in trouble and mostly me because of the workload I have to keep up with! Attention developers! Slow the F&%K down!