A Quick Note To FS9 Simulation Pilots.

FS9. Many of you have been either emailing, messaging on Facebook, or dropping queries here on ADX asking me to get a definitive answer from Taxi2Gate regarding future FS9 developments and whether MCO and LTBA will have FS9 renditions. As a FS9 fan I am happy to officially confirm the development team is still willing to make sceneries for FS9 but all future FS9 developments depend on sales from FS9 users. Carenado as you may recall restarted FS9 development a short while back and whereas sales met expectations in the beginning, they began to taper off causing them to cease for the second time. Here is your chance yet again. Taxi2Gate is developing KMCO for FS9 and it will be released in the coming months. Sales of this product will determine if any other T2G products will be released for FS9.  If sales turn out not to justify the means, this will likely be the last FS9 project from Taxi2Gate. When it goes on sale you know what to do! (any FS9 bashing comments will not be published) Peace!