Goodbye Stargate HK. Area51 Continues?

FSX/P3D. To be rather honest, I never really understood the whole Stargate Studios HK thing. Area51 Simulations was promoting these guys through the roof and it wasn't really clear if the Stargate would be the replacement of Area51 or simply a sister company. You may recall Stargate released the Bell AH-1W Super Cobra last year which appears to be their first and last product for flight simulation platforms. Earlier this month, Stargate HK announced (here) they are stopping development of FSX and Prepar3D projects and will keep going on PC and Mobile games. Alternatively, Area51 has launched an all new website and logo. Does this mean we can expect new products from Ares51? And what is the update on Iris Simulations updating the Area51 C5 Galaxy? I guess we will find out soon enough.