Taxi2Gate New Doha Hamad Chosen!

FSX/P3D. After some very careful consideration, Taxi2Gate has chosen Qatar's New Hamad International Airport along with the city of Doha as the next destination. There were a few factors leading to this decision. Even though there was a lot of cheating going on, which we expected. Frankfurt EDDF was indeed a favorite. However, after positive confirmation, EDDF is already in development by another development company. KSEA is also another favorite. But this project will take a considerable amount of extra development time given the known issues already stated by FlyTampa. SEA is on the list for this year. This took us down to VHHH and Doha. VHHH was chosen the official selection, however, it was best decided to develop Doha first as there are currently 2 versions of VHHH to keep you busy for the time being considering there is no high quality version of Doha available yet. So, Doha is on deck and will be followed by VHHH directly afterward. And for those of you who spammed Nashville, how stupid do you think we are? With that said, all airports on the list are still being considered for future projects. Thanks to all of you for voting and special thanks to those of you who voted honestly. It was amazing to see the thousands of votes from ADX readers from several countries across the globe on 6 continents.