ADX Introducing: White Digital Simulations!

FSX/P3D. Many of you may recall my stating at the beginning of the year that I would be announcing new flight simulation development companies for 2014. So far, I have announced 2 new teams and here comes a third: WDS: White Digital Simulations. Now for many of you, the name "White" might ring a bell as it's attached to the acclaimed scenery developer Russ White. If you are familiar with the following Orbx titles: Juneau, Kenai, Elstree and the just released Gustavus airport (eleven completed airports in total), then you know Russ' work very well. And if it happens you don't know who i'm speaking of, Russ White brings with him 6 years FS development experience. Russ has recently separated from Orbx in an effort to begin his own venture under the WDS brand. The current focus will be on small to medium range airports including a number of airport series packages incorporating the "HDX" (High Definition eXtreme) visual development method. First on deck from WDS is MBS International airport as well as several airfields in and around the Great Lakes area. Have a good idea for a future project? Join the WDS forums today for all the latest information and updates! There are several ADX reviews of Russ' projects and he is top notch developer. Please join me in welcoming WDS to the community. More great news for an already great year! Here are a few shots of past projects. The GSE denotes the HDX quality found in WDS future projects. ADX has reviewed some of Russ' previous contracted works which should give you an idea of the kind of talent he brings to the table. Check 'em out! ADX Reviews:  ELSTREE | JUNEAU | KENAI | DAMYNS HALL

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