Iris Warthog Driver II Released!


FSX/P3D. As promised during 2013, Iris Simulations revamped the Airforce Series Warthog and added integration with Vertical Reality Simulations TacPack product. The A-10 is the perfect accompanying product for the VRS Superbug and the wide variety of ground stores and the massive GAU-8 Avenger cannon make it a powerful ground attack aircraft! If you don’t have TacPack, don’t dispair! This reworked version contains many improvements to onboard systems, a brand new payload manager and some great new cosmetic changes to the airframe. In addition, not only is FSX Supported, but we now have an installer for Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D platform as well! If you’re a previous purchaser of the IRIS A-10A Warthog/Warthog Driver product range, please be sure to re-download your old product, as you’ll find the installer has been upgraded to the Warthog Driver II Gold Edition free of charge!