Our Latest Review: Carenado B1900D!

[ADX Reviews] If it's one thing I have aimed to accomplish with the new site, it is to showcase the fact that AirDailyX is much more than a news site. You clearly see that the term "Insolent" has been replaced with "Resource". In the coming months, I plan to introduce many flight simulation resources that cater to both new and advanced flight simulation enthusiasts alike. If it's one thing that shows our passion in this business, it's through our reviews! And there is no aircraft review that is better than one that is written by a real world pilot with thousands of hours experience. We'll it just so happens, AirDailyX has it's own resident real world B1900D pilot and he takes us through the inns and outs of Carenado's latest aircraft release! So how good is it? Did the Carenado boys do it justice? Join Captain Hoffen from Fairbanks to Anchorage as he puts the Beechcraft through it's paces in his latest review! Let's go!