ADX Exclusive UK2000 Heathrow v3!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Gary's UK2000 Heathrow v3 is officially into the initial beta stage and we have a few early exclusives to show off. I was hoping to bring a mix of FS9 and P3D shots but as it's in beta, I noticed some nook&crannies in P3D that need to be ironed out. But if these FS9 shots are any indication of what is in store for the more advanced platforms, then we all are in for a real treat! This version will finally take London Heathrow into it's current real world state and the work really shows Gary has been working his butt off! Enjoy these exclusives for now and I will be back for some exclusives in P3D soon. Please remember this is a work in progress and images do not necessary reflect the final product. Enjoy!

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