ImagineSim ZSPD In Beta!

FS9/FSX/P3D. Not only am I extremely impressed with ImagineSim's Shanghai Pudong project, I am also quite pleased to see the overwhelmingly positive responses by the community. Many folks thought it was so good, they mistakenly assumed it was some sort of secret FlyTampa project. Once ZSPD is released, I don't think anyone will see ImagineSim the same way again. It's just that GOOD! The FS9 version is now in beta with the FSX/P3D versions to follow shortly after with enhanced features. Be sure to keep checking our exclusives page for more shots this week and stay tuned to ADX for the release announcement!

Note: If other news sites would like to re-publish these ZSPD exclusives, you may do so as long as the logos are not removed from the screenshots.  

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