Armi Kuwait International Released!


FS9/FSX. Now I know I have been known for my sarcasm regarding Blueprint sceneries in the past and reactions to my posts have always been mixed. I will refrain from that in the future on this blog as the "insolence" is no longer a part of the ADX modus operandi. Thus, going forward, I will apply more serious thoughts on the developers whom I feel come up short when it comes to quality vs price. Armi has just released their Kuwait scenery and as much as I wanted to get excited about this scenery, I just couldn't. It just comes up short in so many areas notably the tarmac which is basically what appears to be a low-res photo image in lieu of custom ground work. Now I would not go so far as to say the work is bad, because is many areas, it's not. But for the price of $20 bucks. It just somehow doesn't feel right. But it is the hard work for the developer, they have the right to charge what they feel is worth their efforts, and I am sure many will agree, it's better than default. Besides, i'm sure it will serve many well for online flying. Now available on Simmarket!