PacSim Manila: Big Update!


FSX/P3D. I am amazed at just how much developers are stepping up their games these days. I seems almost as if there is an arms race to close the gap on developers like FlightBeam and FlyTampa. If you look at the recent works from FSDG, Taxi2Gate, ImagineSim, LatinVFR, (to name a few) the level of quality is going up everywhere. Another developer I have been keeping a close eye on is Pacific Islands Simulations. Their Rarotonga really turned heads last year and the upcoming Manila will officially boost the developer into the "Mega Airport" class. But for Manila, the work does not stop at the airport. Much like FT Dubai, T2G Mexico City, and FSDG Thessaloniki, the mega city of Metro Manila will also be included. This is by far the largest undertaking by PacSim and the latest shots give us a very good idea of what we are in for. See for yourself and be sure to click the "source" link for more shots plus the status update on the developer website.