Orbx OpenLC EU In Pre-Beta!


FSX/P3D. What's the worst thing about Orbx' FTX regions? They don't cover the world! What I mean to say is, regions like PNW for example are so good, that it's hard to fly out of these regions. The guys at Orbx realized that even if they set out to cover the entire world, it would take years. So they came up with a better alternative: FSX Global/Vector/openLC. Together, you get a flying environment that is easily a hundred times better than the closest competing product and a thousand times better than default. FranceVFR has some damn good products out there, but they only cover France which it too bad. In my opinion, it was very wise to start out in Mainland Europe for OpenLC and so far, it looks pretty damn close to the FTX dedicated regions. Have a look!