SimWings Heathrow Update!


FS9/FSX/P3D. Finally a statement from the SimWings team regarding their London Heathrow project. It's no secret many community members have expressed concern over the silence of the team and subsequent lack of updates. Today, in an effort to pacify these concerns in response to Aerosoft forum members "Autopiloth" who we believe to be Thorsten, provided assurance that the project is still in motion: "...please allow us one more month to finish it, latest it will be released in April 2014. Actually we are working on the taxiway lines and some more night textures. All buildings etc. are finished. Thorsten, sim-wings." Based on that statement, it looks like the wait for the SimWings version may be still another month away. But I prefer a quality product rather than a rushed one. I am looking forward to preparing a comprehensive report between both the UK2000 and SimWings variants once released. Here are a few of the previous previews from last year.