Welcome to Redding! FTX NCA's First 2 Airports!


FSX/P3D. Now when it comes to my favorite developers in the industry, regardless if they develop for their own companies or for a much larger outfit, I am always proud to mention who they are aside from their corporate identities. One of these developers is Jarrad Marshall. Now some may agree and some may disagree, but I personally believe it's very important to know who your developers are and that they get proper acknowledgement for their work. In this particular case, what has me most excited is he has just announced his development on the first 2 airports for FTX NCA (my home state) and they, well... they look GOOD! This product not only includes Redding Municipal Airport (KRDD), but also Benton Field (O85), Mercy Medical Center helipad, and Redding cityscape all rolled into one. BAM! Check it out!