UK2000 Heathrow v3: This Weekend!


FS9/FSX/P3D. Well now. This has been a very interesting arms race indeed! You may recall Gary's third version of Heathrow was due for release back in October of 2013 while the SimWings variant was expected back in December. Now whereas we have been getting regular updates from Gary, the Simwings guys have been quite silent on their current projects: Heathrow and Canary Islands respectively. Gary then announced v3 would be delayed till the end of Q4 2013. When it became clear that would not happen due to project delays, v3 became slated to Feb 2014. It's quite clear now which will be first out of the gate. But i'll admit, I am personally concerned about SimWings. I am a huge fan of their works which seems to becoming fewer and farther in-between these days... Look for UK2000 Heathrow this Saturday. AirDailyX will publish 1 more set of exclusives before then. Stay tuned!