Aerosoft / DA CRJ: More Externals!


FSX/P3D. Two words: "Getting closer..." that's according to Mathijs Kok today as he uploaded a number of new external previews of the famous Aerosoft / Digital Aviation Bombardier. These externals are beautiful and equally as beautiful as all of the externals we have seen of this bird thus far. At this point, I don't think anyone has doubt that it looks good. But the real interest is in the meat&potatoes aka systems&handling. Majestic is doing an absolutely fantastic job on the Q400 and if the AS/DA CRJ is anything like it, it will be the aircraft hit of the century. Because let's face it, we have been waiting on a proper CRJ for nearly 10 years. Wilco/Feelthere did not properly deliver the first or second times. But we have much faith in this one. Anticipation boils... here are a few of today's shots to help cool your jets.