ADX Exclusive: UK2000 v3! Last Set Before Release!


P3D. And here we have it folks! The final set of exclusives of UK2000's London Heathrow v3 before release! I know many of you were waiting on the P3D shots as the previous ones I uploaded were from FS9. The issue I encountered was due to what appeared to be default buildings bleeding through. As all the exclude files were present, I needed a moment track the issue. Having finally discovered the problem, I kicked myself repeatedly. How could I be so stupid? I am better than this! I know this stuff. So duh! The issue was the Orbx FTX EU Heathrow files that needed to be removed. The FSX installer was coded for it but at the time, the P3D installer had not been compiled yet as it was only the beta. More good news is it blends in flawlessly with FTX EU. So finally, here she is! Release is expected on Saturday and as always, i'll announce here soon as it's out! Enjoy!