LHSimulations Budapest Imported!

P3D. Those who enjoy my reviews know I don't screw around. I recently read a review that was published this week that had consisted of 3 paragraphs and 9 screenshots. I felt it didn't really adequately cover the product in all it's glory and was seemingly a bit lazy. Espically as the airport covered was from one of my very favorite developers. But the great thing about different reviews covering the same product is the different opinions you will find. In the case with LHSim's LHBP released last year, I likely went far overboard and wrote what is likely the longest and most entertaining review ever written in the history of flight simulation. It's not just a review, it's a story! The Budapest Novel has just been officially formatted into our new review format. If you have the free time, set your autopilot, and enjoy a nice read! It took a lot of work and the work put into a proper review should reflect the developers efforts. Enjoy!

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