iBlueYonder Announces Pearson Field!


FSX/P3D. Okay. I am going to really have to try really hard to contain my excitement here. Just give me a moment. Okay. Show of hands: how many of you owned a copy of FlightZone's Portland scenery? Many will argue, FZ02 KPDX at one point was the most detailed scenery ever created for FS9. Even today, it remains in the top 5 for many. One of the things that made that Portland scenery so good besides was the inclusion of 3 nearby airfields: Portland Hillsboro, Troutdale, and the one I am happy about today Pearson Field. The FZ Portland project is largely responsible for me discovering the joys of VFR flying and I had been hoping that someone from Orbx would model these airports. But hey, Bill Womak is on the case! Let's also not forget, he is also working on Nantucket! Hooray for iBlueYonder! Visit his blog for full res images.