Greetings From The Skies Above Yosemite!


FSX/P3D. Uggghhhhh the waiting and anticipation is totally killing me!! No doubt the first place I will visit in the coming FTX NCA from Orbx will be the granite wonderland of Yosemite National Park!  I have my Alabeo R66 and MilViz 407 choppers on the pads ready and waiting! The next stop will be The American River Valley's, Lake Tahoe, then off to San Francisco! Hey, I wonder if the coverage area will encompass Kings Canyon, Mt. Whitney, and Lone Pine? I once climbed Mt. Whitney and at an elevation of 14,494 feet, it took us 3 days in the pure wilderness to get there and 4 more days to get out as we got stuck in a lightening storm that lasted almost an entire day. Great times! And in case you didn't know, there are some developers out there developing airfields for NCA so you will have some nice places to touch down and pee. Now where is my The North Face gear?

EDIT: According to the added coverage map, its difficult to tell if North America's second tallest mountain: Mt. Whitney is included. Hopefully someone from Orbx can confirm?