Carenado Announces Hawker 850XP!


FSX/P3D. Was I right? Or was I right? I made some pretty strong speculatios regarding Carenado and their sister company Alabeo over the past weeks. Basically, I alleged that Alabeo would be changing it's modus operandi in an effort to pick up the slack Carenado would be leaving behind in an effort to move into the large commercial turboprop and bizjet markets. My premonition would only be proven correct if Carenado's next project announcement would be either another jet or large prop. We'll there you have it folks! It looks like Carenado is looking to fill the biggest gap in the flight simulation market which is of course the bizjet market. Now in regards to the 800XP, you may recall JustFlight released one a short while back. I have the JF Hawker and whereas it has much potential, it strongly lacks in many areas including an incorrect visual appearance. I don't think anyone will be complaining about Carenado's modeling. Here are the first shots. I strongly recommend many of you start building larger hangars! I just got the estimate on mine. Yikes!