ADX Exclusive: Taxi2Gate İstanbul Atatürk!

FSX/P3D. Every time I think the guys at Taxi2Gate have impressed me, they toss in another shocker! Many of you may remember a poll I ran back in November 2013 about what airport Taxi2Gate should launch next. We ran the poll for several days and wheras I am sure many of you trolled the poll, the community feedback was obvious. You want İstanbul Atatürk! By the end of that week, we then announced that Taxi2Gate would indeed set sail to Turkey. But here is what I didn't expect: this much done in less than 3 months! I was thinking Q4 2014 at best. So I reiterate, they tossed a major shocker! If you were impressed with Taxi2Gate Mexico City and Orlando (I sure as hell was...make that is) then you will be quite pleased with their rendition of LTBA! Is this team kicking butt or what? Enjoy!

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