ADX Celebrating 6 Million Pageviews!


It's really funny actually! ADX surpassed that number last week and I completely forgot about it. Every time ADX reaches a million milestone, I take a moment to give some sort of boring speech. This time, I want to say thanks to all of you for choosing to follow me over to the new site. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive despite a few gripes here and there. With the new tracking analytics, I now more than ever get more of a clear understanding of just how many of you are out there and where you are from. Since Feb 1st when the new site came online, the site has tracked over 30,000 unique visitors! That's huge! And what is more incredible is that number is growing! People are visiting from virtually every country in Europe and the Americas. Let's not forget our friends in Australia and New Zealand! I am also very pleased to see is China has discovered ADX! Asia, the Sub Continent, and the Middle East have all been tracked. As for your devices, I noticed a few of you are visiting from your X-Boxes and Wii systems! That's badass for you guys viewing ADX on the big screen between GTA and BF3! I know the site sucks on mobile devices and I am working to get apps rolled out with buttons big enough to accommodate your fat pudgy fingers! 2014 is going to be a great year for FS and as always, ADX will be here to get it all in one place! I'm still improving things around here. Welcome to our new home! -D'Andre