Orbx FTX 11S Sekiu Released!


FSX/P3D. Whew! A lot of releases today! Next up on deck is Misha's 11S Sekiu! If you are looking for a nice quiet, scenic destination complete with serenity and a fun approach, 11S is an airfield for you! This scenery is packed with features but one of note is one you should really be mindful of. The scenery is packed with roaming deer and one is particular is quite careless so be sure to keep an eye out for him crossing the runway! It's a very good looking work, land there today! Quick Note: Misha has stated he will be working to make Sekiu and Vernonia compatible with P3D V2, over the next week. If all goes smoothly they should also be released shortly after the FTX PNW V2 compatible scenery (which should be quite soon). Great news!