FSFX Finally Geared Up For P3D! +v1.2.


FSX/P3D. The most popular request was to make PrecipitFX available for Prepar3D. With this in mind, and with the 777 Immersion in its last stage of development, the team decided to take their existing effects and enhance them to take better advantage of the performance in Prepar3D. As a result the latest update now allows pilots to install PrecipitFX rain and snow textures, vortices and contrails for Prepar3D. What is included in the update: PrecipitFX rain and snow textures for Prepar3D, PrecipitFX vortices for Prepar3D, PrecipitFX contrails for Prepar3D. Coming soon for Prepar3D: Engine jet wash effects under rain and snow, Wheels effects under rain and snow, Smoke on hard braking. More information via the source link below. Thanks to ADX reader Jordan King for the tipoff.