FSXGenius Update:

[FS News] Statement via FroogleSim: "I have received two reports now stating the same thing.
FSXGenius today appeared in court, and plead guilty to at least 16 counts of fraud. A Pre sentencing report is being prepared and he will be sentenced on January 9th. He will receive a credit for entering a guilty plea but the judge has said that a custodial sentence is very much on the cards. I truly hate to have to say this but as recently as 1 month ago I was still receiving reports from people who have lost money. Please be careful who you deal with and send cash to.

EDIT: Just to add a personal addendum here. A number of people have leveled accusations at me, since I ran a number of livestreams with FSXGenius. I deeply regret the exposure I granted him, which ultimately enabled him to then go on and steal. I was, ultimately, as taken in and conned as the rest of the community and it is actually the events that transpired from this that lead to me completely stopping any and all involvement with anyone else in this community (collaborating, shared streaming, promotion etc)."

-Froogle Pete