Eaglesoft To Deliver C-XLS+?

FSX/P3D/XPL. Now as many of us know Eaglesoft Development Group and Leading Edge Simulations partnered up earlier this year as announced here on ADX. Leading Edge Simulations is primarily an X-Plane developer and with this partnership, ensure their Citation CII 3.0 would not only be available for XPL fans but also on the more popular simulation platforms P3D and FSX respectively. Now what I have been trying to confirm based on a few tipoff's from ADX readers is whether Eaglesoft is working on the Cessna Citation XLS+. Thus far, all I have to go by is the information you will find via the source link below. Just looking at that XLS though reminds me of a couple freeware Cessna bizjets on Avsim that were built using (allegedly) stolen materials from Eaglesoft. I have to admit, they were excillent external models for their time. Hopefully this time around, we will get legit versions. If any of you chaps have more info on this you would like to share, let me know.