FlyTampa Toronto: First Shot!

FSX/P3D. I had been saying all along for well over a year now that FlyTampa was developing Toronto but many of you refused to believe me despite he fact that the little dot has been on the map for just as long. So for those still needing confirmation, now you have it. For the rest of you, finally the first shot of Toronto from FlyTampa has arrived and on Christmas no less. And is that... could it be... Why yes! That is internal modeling I see through that glass! 2015 is going to be a total kick ass year indeed! Thanks to ADX reader Michael Holzberg for the tipoff! Wow that looks good! Before I step away, I should also remind readers about Martin's Modus Operandi. As we all know, he is super CIA when it comes to secrets. But once he releases previews, usually, release is just weeks away. I wonder if that is the case here as well. We will find out soon enough!