Aerosoft / DA CRJ: VC Update.


FSX/P3D. Finally a proper set of screenshots showing the VC lit and avionics in full operation. Could this 6+ year long project be finally reaching fruition? This would be a blast to close out 2014 but I highly doubt that will happen. Either way, it's really starting to look like release is looming down to a few short months and hopefully not another year. The VC looks good and I am eager to get in there and get to work. But by all means, see for yourself. Thanks to ADX reader Elliott Westacott early yesterday morning for the tipoff. Obviously it's Christmas season and real work is busy leaving me slow with news but I am actually surprised all the other news sites didn't pick up on this yet. I am sure once they check their fav site ADX in the morning, they will scramble like always. Check out these awesome shots.