The PMDG777 For P3D On Hold?

P3D. It's seldom I browse the forums of Avsim and as such, I typically rely on ADX readers to tip me off when there is noteworthy news coming out of there and yesterday, several readers contacted me with the notion that PMDG has delayed the released of the 777 in P3D. In a response to another Avsim forum member who mentioned he is using the NGX in P3D. Rob Randazzo had this to say: "It is a very serious license violation. So much so, that our licensing partners have questioned whether we are acting agressively enough to protect their interest in the equation- and this has essentially put forward motion toward the P3D platform on hold. We have had to take action against a few folks who were violating the license agreement- and unfortunately we are spending a rather tidy sum in the "Legal" expense account handling a bunch more. Leave it to a few to kill the fun for everyone except the lawyers..." Difficult to tell at this point but I presume getting this thing in P3D before end of year as previously stated might not happen after all.