Narvik! Come On Baby!

FSX/P3D. So when I was all like hint hint Tore and all that crap about the mic not working, any one think he got the very blatant hint? Eh well... either way, he rose from the Ofotfjord with a slew of new screenshots showing off the scenery and there is no point in talking about how good it is. I mean... just look at it. I have been "Armoralling" the tires on my A2A C182 for weeks now waiting to slam down on Narvik's sloped runway. Fingers crossed that this is just weeks away and not months. Santa's departure is only 10 days away and he is likely to touch down here first as this place is so close to the North Pole. So if the mic is working, common Tore, give it to us! Loads of more shots via the source link below.