Hmm... This Could Work. Or Could It?

FSX/P3D. Sim-Unlimited is a new FS entity establishing itself on the premise of distributing several products via a monthly / yearly subscription biases. From what I have extrapolated from their website brought to my attention from several ADX readers, from around $10 monthly or $120 yearly, you'll receive at least 10 flight simulation addons every year. They appear to have a few known developers on board and based on what I seem to understand, I suppose the premise could work. Or could it? How the individual developers would gain a significant profit margin via this scheme would be depend on a rather large collective of flight simulation enthusiasts signing up  yielding a large yearly bulk of income. I don't see any developer using this as a primary method of selling products but from a consumer perspective, it seems enticing. You would really have to do the math to determine if this option is right for you however. In other words, would you possibly overspend depending on the products that suit your taste? It's like Monopoly. Is it cheaper to pay 75% of your total earnings or $200? You really wouldn't know till the end of the year. I'll be watching this with interest. For more information, click the source link below.